Volunteering in a hospital

Volunteering in a hospital setting provides opportunities to:

  • Make new friends
  • Gain new knowledge and skills
  • Share your skills, knowledge and experience
  • Increase your confidence through the range of exposures to different people and situations
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Allow you to find a sense of purpose

Opportunities include:

  • Patient / ward buddies – Supporting the ward staff and patients with tea rounds. Spending time befriending and communicating with patients.
  • Hospital host/hostesses – Meeting and greeting patients at the main entrances to the hospital and escorting them to a variety of clinics or departments within the hospital.
  • Mealtime supporters – The number of people entering hospital malnourished is increasing – 148,946 entered hospital malnourished in 2007; this rose to 175,003 in 2008. So this support could really change and improve lives.
  • Dementia support volunteers – Following training you will be able to befriend and support patients with dementia, using creative activities to stimulate and engage them.
  • Patient advocates – Visiting wards, speaking to patients and gaining feedback about their hospital experience then highlighting issues identified to the appropriate managers.
  • Working in WRVS shops – WRVS volunteers and staff run shops and cafés in hospitals throughout England, Scotland and Wales and provide an important service to inpatients.

For more info visit: https://www.swbh.nhs.uk/work-for-us/training-and-development/the-learning-works/

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