Volunteering and staff development

Volunteering is a great way to develop your staff.

Why not look for a placement that will enable your staff to work together as a team.

Team Volunteering will:

  • Get you  all out of the office for the session
  • Help you all to see things from the placement organisation’s perspective
  • Give you the entire “feel good” factor – you really do get a sense of satisfaction after getting a job done.
  • Build strong links between team members – through the shared experiences of the day.
  • Play to the strengths of everyone involved – those who don’t want to do a physical activity can still help in the planning of the day, take photographs or provide refreshments.

Volunteering can also help to develop the skills and talent of individual members of staff.

The benefits of employee volunteering include;

  • Volunteering experience can contribute directly to performance and progress at work.
  • Staff who are hoping to increase their skills through training may need to seek relevant work experience and volunteering can enable them to gain this experience.
  • Employee volunteers come back from their placements energised and all the more committed to doing a good job for Sandwell.
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