Pop Up WM


Popupwm is a popup art shop on the pedestrianised part of West Bromwich High

Street, close to Queens Square. The aim of the shop is to:-

Promote the cultural life of our vibrant area and highlight the quality and diversity of local creative talent across the West Midlands.  .

Create an opportunity for new and established artists to be able to exhibit and promote themselves and sell their work through the shop.

Work with the local art community both artists and volunteers.

Demonstrate the need for a permanent gallery in West Bromwich.



We put the call out to artists about two weeks ago and have had a fantastic response across the board including photographers, painters, illustrators, craft makers and even a fashion designer.


It is not easy for artists to promote and sell their work. Galleries tend to programme their exhibitions up to three years in advance, which for new talent or artists looking to get their name out there right now is a long time.  The art shop is another way for artists to be able to sell their work and gain exposure.


We’re also working with a number of local charities. They support people with disabilities;-


Active Arts is a unit based in Oldbury.   Their artists produce work of a fantastic quality, variety and inventiveness; Glass fusion jewellery, clay masks, pottery, hangings and paintings. We have a large number of items for sale produced by the group.


Ideal  for  All is a Sandwell based charity located in Smethwick with over 3500 members that supports the rights of people with disabilities.   Promoting a social model of disability, where all people can take their rightful role in society and take an active part in creating a better future.  They will also be providing volunteers.


Sandwell Volunteer Bureau is supporting the venture and is looking to provide volunteers.


We will be speaking to members of the public that attend the shop and in the busy walkways outside.  We intend to canvass their opinion to evidence the need for a permanent gallery in West Bromwich.


The closure of The Public in West Bromwich has had a huge impact upon the cultural life of the local arts community.  It was a place where artists were able to meet and have their work shown. It also provided a focal point for community interest groups. Now there is nowhere locally for people to do this.


When this opportunity for a popup shop arose we decided to grab it, in our own way, it’s a tribute to The Public.

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