Kerr Drive Open Space Recruiting

Kerr Drive Open Space are looking to recruit a team of volunteers to help keep the Open Space in Princes End clean and tidy.

The majority of the work will take place on a Monday morning between 9am and 12am with a break between 10 and 11 for a drink/snack and some planning.

Volunteers can be any age or fitness level and could be involved in:

– Gardening work such as litter picking and cutting back overgrowth

– Research work or bringing own knowledge

– Liaising with local businesses and the council

– Setting up a Friends group with chairperson, treasurer and secretary

– Applying for funding

– Possibly arranging fun days or children’s sporting and nature events (would need necessary skills/accreditation)

Please Emily Curtis on 07434-545556 or email if you are interested.

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