Home from Hospital Volunteering!

Home from Hospital Care is a charity providing support to adults in Birmingham and Sandwell who have recently been discharged from hospital. We aim to make the transfer from home to hospital as positive and supported as possible so that patients have the best chance of making a good recovery.We provide a range of support including befriending, support with shopping, emotional support, benefits advice, support to attend medical appointments, support with correspondence and form filling, a sitting-in service for carers and a cleaning and handy-man service. The service is for six weeks and it is free.


We are currently recruiting volunteers from all backgrounds and with all levels of experience who are over 18 to help us deliver this service. Volunteers are most commonly involved in befriending and shopping, but they can get involved in other aspects of the support should they wish. Following DBS checks and training, we match volunteers with a service user who they support for an hour each week for a six-week period. Visits can be more frequent if the volunteer feels able to commit to this. At the end of the period of support, the volunteer can take a break, or be matched with another service user. It is important that volunteers commit to the six-week period so that the support provided is reliable and consistent.


This is an opportunity to help others, make a difference and gain valuable skills and knowledge. This role would enhance a volunteer’s understanding of social care, the charity sector and healthcare. It would enhance a volunteer’s interpersonal and communication skills and improve their employability. We can also support volunteers to gain an NVQ2 with Free Courses in England in a range of subjects including Falls Prevention and Working in Health and Social Care.


Home From Hospital Care is looking for compassionate and committed volunteers who can show empathy and stand in solidarity with people going through particularly difficult times in their lives.

An illness or injury and a hospital admission can be a difficult and life changing experience. Many people face this alone, or with little support. Having someone there in the weeks following this event to provide practical support, listen, comfort and reassure can transform lives, and we have seen this happen time and time again.


If you would like any more information or would like to talk to one of the team, we’ll be at The Dorothy Parks Community Centre from 1pm-5pm on Monday 29th April.

Alternatively, contact us via: admin@home-from-hospital-care.org.uk or 0121 472 4499.

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